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” In retinal persistence came back to me the white blanket with orange edging Foreign Affairs girdled Price Renaudot headband, exposed to the library near my high school driver Yvelines.The fall of 1979, so I was seventeen, and he Twenty-five I was a literary terminale, excited by the passion of a young French teacher who did not yet live in the Rue Pierre-Semard, and he had received the Renaudot Prize, which said nothing to me. was my favorite word, I smelled it like the smoke of my cigarettes in the high school playground Freedom for the workers, high school students, women, fags, freedom for Andréi Sakharov, Soviet dissident, physicist and Nobel Peace Prize , under house arrest in Gorky, at the time Ilistened every night Anything can happen, the talk show hosted by Jean-Michel Desjeunes on Europe 1.
The show opened on Tender Lovin ‘Care of MFSB.
This light-hearted soul, sensual, expansive, had colonized me. 

– Jean-Marc Parisis –
” The death of Jean-Marc Roberts ”
– The Round Table –

Page Price 112  2012 for research of color .
Best Foreign Novel of the Year Award for 2010,
awarded by People’s Literature Publishing House ,
Chinese Association of Foreign Literature.
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Price Hisler-Even 2010 magnets.
roger nimier prize 2007, For before, during and after 
Price vocation 1992 for High School Artists